The BAHID Winter Conference Workshop

Forensic Taphonomy – a multidisciplinary approach to improve post-mortem interval estimations

Decomposition is a holistic process where the entire necrobiome needs to be studied. Although the rate and pattern of decomposition have been studied extensively over the past decade with numerous conditions and variables being explored to give way to enhanced predictive models to determine a time since death of unknown victims. Still taphonomic research is limited by its methodological approach of small sample sizes, using pig carcasses as human analogues, and the tendency to focus only one variable leaves an undefined PMI prediction with little to no certainty. This workshop will provide an overview of the visual taphonomic descriptors used in body scoring techniques as a tool for a more robust method of determining the post-mortem interval.

Workshop Hosts - Sanita Nezirovic, with assistance from Emily Fisher and Chelsea Mansell.

The BAFA Winter Conference Workshop

Considering the growing need for forensic anthropologists to understand contexts and mapping of human remains and associated evidence, the workshop this year is focused on survey techniques. The speakers will deliver talks on how to recognise the different types of contexts and different survey methods. Both a theoretical and a practical approach of traditional methods (such as gridding and off-set) and digital methods (such as photogrammetry) will be presented. The practical session will involve groups to record a scene using a variety of recording techniques outlined in the presentations. This is an opportunity to learn/refresh skills in traditional surveying methods and more ‘modern day’ approaches.

BOOK EARLY - this CPD workshop is limited to 30 places due to the nature of the practical work being carried out. 


Workshop Hosts - Samantha De Simone and Dr Samuel Rennie.