Searching for missing people: a multidisciplinary strategy combining Forensic Archaeology, Psychology and Canine Units - Simone Montaldo and Matteo Borrini.

Saturday 2nd December 1:30-3pm

The workshop will present a challenging case on the search for missing people that was solved using a disciplinary approach involving the cooperation of different disciplines. A case report will be presented to demonstrate the potential of the cooperation between Psychology, Canine Units and Forensic Archaeology during different stages of a search.

Missing person’s cases show several levels of criticality, however police have limited resources; if the person (or the body) is not recovered in a short period of time, protracted searches are not sustainable. These cases pose complex challenges that need to take into consideration the background of the disappearance, the physical and psychosocial conditions of the missing and the environment in which the event occurred. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is crucial to improve existing methodologies and develop operative protocols to both optimize investigation time and cost and to increase the number of successful recoveries.

In addition to several scenarios, the authors will present an exemplar case that involved two associations, Ophir Criminology and N.E.M.E.S.I., that been remotely coordinated by Matteo Borrini, a forensic anthropologist from Liverpool John Moores University. The final discovery of the corpse represents not only a resolution of the case, but also demonstrates the potential of a multidisciplinary and planned search strategy that involved Psychology, Forensic Archaeology and Canine Units.

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BAFA Ancestry Workshop - details to be confirmed

Sunday 3rd December 2:30pm- 4pm

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