The BAHID Summer Conference Workshops

The conference will start with a series of workshops on Friday afternoon. Each workshop will run once, with limited numbers for the more practical sessions. Due to the constraints, it will not be possible to switch workshops on the day, so please choose carefully. All workshops are included in the all-inclusive conference registration fee. 

Workshop 1 - Burnt/Commingled Remains workshop and scene - FULLY BOOKED

Workshop start time 1pm - Limited to 20 people

Understand the processes that bone udergoes when subjected to fire, how much damage can be sustained before DNA testing is no longer possibly. How does burning change the morphology of the bone? What if there are multiple individuals present? The lab session will involve the analysis of a number of bones, before heading outside to take part in our outdoor scene.

Workshop hosts - Dr Julie Roberts (LJMU), Dr Mike Walbank (Cellmark Forensic Services) and Dr Carole Davenport (LJMU)

Workshop 2 - Crime Scene Scenario Workshop

Workshop start times 1pm - Limited to 20 people

Attend your briefing prior to entering the crime scene house and searching for the evidence needed to solve the case. Learn about the procedures that must be adhered to when working on the scene, including evidence recorrding and collection chain of custody and the roles of those present on the scene.

Workshop host - Mr Adrian Box - CSM/SIO Royal Military Police (retired)

Workshop 3 - Fire Investigation and Incident Ground Tour

Get a guided tour of the Fire Service College Incident Ground, which hosts 25 training rigs and scenarios, a facility that is both unique and unmatched by any other incident ground in the world. Tour times will be advertised shortly.

Workshop hosts - The Fire Service College

Workshop 4 - FES/VR Dogs - Talk and demonstration

Workshop start time 1pm

Learn about the work Forensic Evidence Search and Victim Recovery dogs carry out, the science behind scent and how the teams work before watching a demonstration.

Workshop hosts - Lorna Irish (DTSL), Brett Barnes (Metropolitan Police) and Simon Barnes (Handler).