The Forensic Image Analysis Division (FIAD, was FIAG)

FIAG was set up on 15th -May 2003 in London to address the issue of professional standards in Facial Image analysis and its practitioners. This was subsequently extended to include all branches of forensic image analysis. After discussion, it was was confirmed in the same year that FIAG would operate under the BAHID umbrella. The entrance criteria was, and still is, for those UK professionals who are actively engaged in forensic image analysis and present expert evidence in court. Since then FIAG has grown, moving out from under the umbrella of BAHID, and is now known as FIAD (Forensic Imagery Analysis Division), which operates under the umbrella of the Chartered Society for Forensic Sciences. Regular meetings are held to discuss the field of forensic image analysis and the role played by experts in court. FIAD is also engaged in assisting the Forensic Science Regulator in the adoption of standards for image analysis. For more information contact visit the new FIAD website at