2nd volume now available from CRC press


A supplemental follow-up to Forensic Human Identification: An Introduction is now available for purchase. Advances in Forensic Human Identification covers advances in the most well-known scientific techniques and discusses new and developing subjects and modalities of human identification. Details can be found here

A Message from the President

I welcome you all to the web site of BAHID and especially to the Association whether you are a member or thinking of joining our great mix of minds. I hope that you find this web site useful and I urge you all to join and to be able discuss ideas or problems with any member of the Council.Nigel2

I first pay tribute and thanks to all the hard working members of the Council and in particular to the few who do all the work for the Conference. Without all of these people the Conference would not be such a success.

This conference this year will be held in Manchester again and the programme has something for everyone. There are going to be Specialist talks as well as the students with their magnificent presentations. There will be prizes and a President’s prize.  A conference can only be successful if we all actively take part and we get out as much as we put into the conference.

BAHID is getting stronger and better each year and so it is a good time to join if you are not a member with all its benefits. It is not expensive (and even cheaper for students). There are a wide range of specialists who are always willing to help and give advice. They can all give career advice as well as sound Knowledge to the members.

The future is in our own hands so come forward and help or just come to the conference and have a great time.

I look forward to meeting you all